What a beautiful year!

This being my last blog for 2008, I want to thank all of you who have checked out this blog. How time really flies! What’s On in General Santos City is already one year old.

When I started this blog this time last year, I did not imagine that the response would be so good even during times when I did not have time to blog like when I have events and when I gave birth. Your comments were a welcome message in my inbox and I had a lot of fun replying to them even those that did not seem to be as positive about Gensan as I am.

Next year, I hope to continue writing valuable blogs and to step it up. I am one with other bloggers who aim to give the world a good image of Gensan and Mindanao.

To all of you who have sent messges of appreciation, thank you. The pleasure is mine.

I wish you all a great 2009! Stay safe and enjoy the rest of the holidays!

7 thoughts on “What a beautiful year!

  1. Hi cathy, you are the one who brought me to the shore of gensan. i wish gensan will be a safer place to live in 2009.

  2. Hi Cathy,

    Now Lunar New Year had gone, February is a month that not liked by the boss and you know why. Unfortunately, the laundry balls I mentioned to you earlier are not allowed to be officially launched in Philippines until a distributor is appointed there.

    Anyway I still plan to market the product which is ecological and economical to use as it is a fine detergent replacement.

    It is no chlorine and phosphate so the waste water is of no harm to aquatic life.

  3. hi cathy, coz the month is a short month , the payday comes too fast for the boss. especially to the Chinese bosses who just paid bonuses and salaried on January.

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