Business permit renewal

I was again on another encounter with government offices. It’s the time to renew business permits. I am renewing mine for Chimes Concepts, my event management and consultancy company.

The one-stop shop for business permit renewals and applications is in the lobby of the City Hall until January 20. From what I know, last year’s one-stop shop was at the Oval Plaza covered basketball court.

I would say my experience was short and fortunately not bad. Eerything you would need is practically there but it also felt like you are packed like flowers in a bouquet! It was hot, stuffy and hot! I also wished that some of the other city hall employees were more helpful, knowledgeable and complacent. I think they are forgetting that the people they are bitching to are the city’s taxpayers. But anyway, I guess they know that. It’s just that maybe the work seems endless and there are just more people than their airconditioning units can handle.

However, I am happy that most of the city hall employees I encountered did their best to help.

TIP: ASK!!! If you do not know where to go next or what to do, there is an information desk at the entrance and you can ask any employee in the lobby. BRING ALL YOUR DOCUMENTS! Saves you time and effort. Bring all the past year’s receipts and documents (from the city hall). The application starts with getting purok clearance, cedula and barangay clearance from the barangay your business is or will be located. So get those first.

Also, if you are planning to get a new business permit, get it in this period, January 1 to 20 of every year. I applied for a new business permit in May. I had to travel to every office. It will be more convenient to apply now since all those offices will be in one place.


6 thoughts on “Business permit renewal

  1. hi! we’re planning to put up a warehouse in gensan. would you mind sharing the requirements for getting a business permit? i already check the site ( but the link is dead. would really appreciate the help. thanks!

  2. Hi Kai! You start with the purok and barangay clearance. You should also visit CEMCDO office, 3rd floor, quirino brgy hall to get a list of all the requirements.

  3. hi! we’re planning to put up a cafe restobar in gensan. can u give some info where can we apply new business permits, requirements, and how much it costs? and how much it costs when renewed annually?

    thank you very much.

  4. Hi ranz! You can start by inquiring at CEMCDO they are the office where you can inquire about business permits and requirements. Their office is in the 3rd floor of Brgy Hall of Quirino. Cost is really dependent on how much your capital will be. I remember spending around P 5,000 for business permits and fees. Renewal would depend on your income from the past year.

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