I love Genee!

If you’ve never been to Genee, you should go check it out right now.

Why do I love Genee?  I love it for a lot of reasons. The price, I think, is a BIG reason. For a decent meal, the price is outrageously cheap. At the same time, the food is good and is served to you in a jiffy. A lot of boys I talked to think the portion is not enough. (well then order an extra cup of rice). But for the price, that is what ought to be in the plate. The portion for me is okay.

The restaurant itself is a winner. It’s fresh, vibrant, clean, cool but not intimidating or fancy altogether.

I have tasted all their food except for the gellee and tunaghetti. All the others I have tasted, chicken and bangus inasal, burger, hotdog, halo-halo, are good for me. I would have a few changes like the bread could taste better especially for the hotdog. Or maybe another choice for the siding for the inasal.  It would also be great if they can add another dish or two.

For me, Genee is a place where everyone can eat. Rich, not rich, middle-class, students, workers, businessman. It’s also a place to hang out, make your assignments, think, have meetings and the like. I like that they have WI-FI and that the place is not airconditioned. I also like that Ernan is there! *smile*

Check out our pictures at Genee. These were taken during Kalilangan.




11 thoughts on “I love Genee!

  1. hi cathy, u know at first glance of the topic i tot it was i love green.
    it prompts me to wanting to talk with you about green laundry

  2. me love genees too. abot ng allowance kong peysoses. ajejeje
    kaya lang wala akong laptop kaya di ko rin maenjoy ang wifi dun. poor lang kasi payrents ko.
    kaya tinitipid ko allowance ko para makainternet cafe at makacomment at makablog. ajejeje

  3. Favorite breakfast place din namin `to. Haven’t eaten at other times. Kaya lang, they’re a bit slow on breakfast times, parang bagong gising at 7am (they open at 6am). Wala nga lang sinangag, would have been great. But it is still a nice place for breakfast.

  4. The first time I got there during the Bloggers’ Night, nabigla ako parang hindi ko akalain na ganun kaganda ang architectural design sa loob… hahaha… they got a great signal for wifi there too. . . plus i love the aerial view of Gensan dun I just dont see the military theme that much …which they claim to be portraying….just thoughts..

  5. Good thing I stumbled upon your blog. 🙂 Been gathering info over the net, trying to come up with a go-to list for our trip to GenSan next week.

    Will definitely check this one out! I need help with the address though, I won’t be able to find my way around GenSan. *grins*

    Alright, that’s another place to enjoy a good meal. Now, if I could just find a decent, cheap place to stay..might you have some suggestions? *teehee*


  6. Hi Neena! Genee is located in the Oval Plaza along pendatun avenue. as for the hotel, depends on how much do you want to spend for a night’s stay. Thanks for dropping by!

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