My First Visit to Blugre in Gensan

Last weekend, my husband and I capped our date night at the newly-opened Blugre on Osmena. We have been to Blugre in Davao so I am personally excited that there is Blugre in Gensan now. Signs of a continuously booming city? Hope so!

When we got there, the main cafe area is packed already. Besides, I felt claustrophobic in that area. The counter was too close to the tables already. We had to dilly-dally on whether to sit outside where the smokers were or upstairs. Good thing we chose to sit upstairs. They both have an outdoor area and an air-conditioned area upstairs. Of course, I like the air-conditioned area best.

The coffee was okay but my husband’s durian coffee was excellent. The quesadillas was not flaky. It was crispy already. So at this point, I am going to give that a bad rating. However, I will be fair as to give the food another try. I have to say that, had they did not have an upper floor, I would not return to Blugre anymore. I would go back to my favorite, Coffee Club 101. But the second floor made all the difference. For me, coffee shops are all about drinking good coffee and chatting long hours or, when I am alone, a good place to read or write notes or do some planning. Some space of my own without being really alone. The second floor is a winner for me.

I have to acknowledge the staff of Blugre. They were friendly, genuinely helpful and apologetic about their late quesadillas. I hope they stay that way forever or at least for a long time. *smile*

So guys, let’s support another new business in the city. Head off to Blugre now for your fresh cup of coffee.


8 thoughts on “My First Visit to Blugre in Gensan

  1. @ Cathy, you said – “They were friendly, genuinely helpful and apologetic about their late quesadillas. I hope they stay that way forever or at least for a long time”

    forever friendly, helpful AND APOLOGETIC? hehehe

    masarap nga ung eponymous coffees nila na durian-based 🙂

  2. @Cathy, is it a case kaya of success going to heads agad just because pacman owns the building and franchise? ajejeje

  3. @ andrew – No, I don’t think that’s the case. Baka kabado lang or lost hehe. kawawa naman si manny pacquiao no? pressure sa lahat ng kilos nila.

  4. @ cathy, i am wondering how good is the durian coffee. i love to eat durian and Penang produces the best durians in the country. I wish i will have a chance to try out in the coming May or June

  5. The Durian is a hell of a treat for coffee lovers out there… though maliit nga lang talaga ang space sa loob when I was there it felt like nasa jollibee ako medyo masikip kasi. . . wala rin ako nakitang guard nun during that time…

    Though I have to say that their coffee is great and yeah courteous ang crew. . . Iba talaga ang Blugre sa Davao kesa dito… but who knows, “rome was never built in a day diba..”

    Blugre and Coffee Club??? Coffee Club pa rin ako. . . nice staff, spaceous and a place na pwede kang mag relax ng mabuti with their comfy chairs and that soothing ambience…

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