De Boerderij Deli Store and Snack House

Swiss deli in Gensan? Really? Why not!

image0272Together with laughtermates (we laugh out our stress all the time) , Chiclet and Chef Kring with Kuya Nelson, we headed off to De Boerderij for an unplanned date. Chef Kring didn’t even know the name of the palce until we got there. *smile* All the more, we didn’t know how to pronoune Boerderij: “bor-de-ri” or “bor-de-ray”. The staff said it’s the latter.

Sure enough, they sell a few deli products which the staff at the store said they get from Swiss Deli in Davao. It was good that they sell these items, though, few. I did not really put any effort to look at the products closely. Maybe in our next visit. For this visit, let’s talk about their food.

Its a snack house so there were a couple of burger choices, spaghetti bolognese and a few appetizers. I ordered Frenchimage0301 Burger. The others ordered Pakistani Burger, Hungarian Sausage and Spaghetti. I personally liked my burger except that it had catsup. Uggh. Some of you might like it. I will eat it but I think that the next time I order it I will ask them not to put catsup. The patty was great though! It was thick about 3/4 inch, juicy, perfectly seasoned and had a smoky flavor to it. I just wished I got another drink aside from my favorite C2 Lite. It was just not quite a match. A citrus juice might have done the trick. Now, the hungarian was a winner except that Chef Kring didn’t realy like the spices. Same with the spaghetti. I have to come back for their coffee because Chef Kring said it was good.

De Bourderij is located along J. Catolico St., Lagao.

Till next food trip!


6 thoughts on “De Boerderij Deli Store and Snack House

  1. Hi Cathy – De Bourderij has a location here in Davao too, it is in Matina, not far from Ateneo. If the GenSan branch is sourcing their items from Swiss Deli that would surprise me, since they have an outlet here of their own, and also that the owner of De Bourderij is different from Swiss Deli. I think that maybe the staff just didn’t really know for sure. Of course, I could be wrong, but would certainly be surprised.

  2. Hi,

    The place nice, really cozy. But I didn’t quite enjoy my first visit there because there was a power interruption that time. Wrong timing…

    The food is ok. Their Hungarian sausage is really hot! I also asked for their best tasting Coffee that you mentioned, but they offered me instant! oooppps, hehehe.

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