Should stores open on Sundays?

Just lately, my husband and I got inconvenienced by stores in Gensan that are closed on Sundays. You figured you need a certain item or service and when you go the store,  sarado! What stores am I talking about? Monterey Shop on J. Catolico. It’s closed on Sundays. Imperial Appliance, Emcor and others.

I know that business is a lot slower for a lot of companies on Sundays. They feel that it’s not worth the effort of opening on Sundays. There are even stores that close over lunch (12nn to 1pm) on weekdays!However, I think thqt there is business lost when people get turned off learning you are closed on probably the only day that working people have for other stuff other than work. Sunday is the only time to buy things or go to the salon or have something fixed.

Understandably, there are businesses that are somewhat expected to be closed on Sundays like offices, schools, most banks (except my favorite BDO, of course), clinics and the like..However, some consumer services and products, I believe should be open. Have you been to City Hardware on Sundays? It’s a mighty busy place! I think that when you stick to opening to Sundays without fail, people learn about it and remember it the next time they have a need for your business.

How about you? Do you think the said kinds of stores should open on Sundays?


8 thoughts on “Should stores open on Sundays?

  1. Hi cathy, mao na ang usa ka rason nganong barriotic lang gihapon ang gensan. even the traffic blue boys are nowhere to be seen on sundays. hardware/construction materials stores are off sundays at tama ka, this is the day we can use sana to purchase some of things we need at home.
    another barriotic practice is paying the pamasahe after manaog sa jeep/tricycle to the dismay of other passengers in a hurry. mag-ihap pa gyud og sinsilyo! ajejeje

  2. I agree with you Andrew. For someone new to Gen San, nanibago ako sa pagbabayad ng pamasahe. Now, I just have to bear it 🙂 I also agree that shops should be open on Sundays. Some restos are even close.

  3. .,ahmn,no offense guys but i reckon, those businesses that u’ve mentioned just value the Sabbath Day., u can’t blame them.. u know there are things that we cannot change., and if we cannot change those things., let’s just change the way we think about it..

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