Recommendations needed

This week, I have not been lucky with the companies I go to for certain products and services. I have come to the piont when I have gone beyond crossing arms in the office while standing/refusing to sit down. I actually spoke more than one sentence in reprimand. This means I am just really angry already.

One of these services is my mananhi/sastrera/dressmaker. I go to two people depending on the work I need done. If it’s a simple change zipper or putol, I go to my friendly neighborhood mananahi. For custom designs and other more complex sewing needs, I go to Noel Adlawan. (They recently changed their name to something I have not memorized yet.) I have been going to Noel Adlawan for six years now. Even the uniforms for Sydney Hotel when I was still working there were done by them. My daughter’s school costume was done by them. That’s because I like how they do my clothes. On this one simple job I brought to them recently, they just failed me big time that I have already decided not to give them any mroe business and go look for another dress shop. I am not a fussy customer. I pay cash and on time. I am loyal to whoever deserves it.

So now, I am looking for another designer or seamstress. Someone who is good and someone who will deliver on time and who will give  importance ot a loyal patron. If you know somebody like that, please leave a comment here. Thank you!


3 thoughts on “Recommendations needed

  1. mis.cathy,magandang umaga!maitnong ko lang po sana kung paano mag-aply dito sa gensan robenson.ako po ay galing saudi.kakarating lang!gusto ko po sana manatili dito.kung makapasok sa kumpanyang ito!ako po isang A/C gayong posisyon ako po sanay mag-aply kanila…..umaasa po ako sa iyong kasagutan!,mis cathy…salamat……

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