Sydney Hotel’s Rooftop Grill

Since I resigned from Sydney Hotel in 2005, I think I have only had dinner at Rooftop Grill once. So it was good to come back to the restaurant after a long time.

It basically hasn’t changed. Still the same decors, tables, chairs, waiters. Good thing the food has also been the same: YUMMY!

Rooftop Grill is, for me, the best place to go to if you want to impress your guests with grilled seafoods or pork belly or sizzling fish fillets or tinola or sinigang na isda. I really, really like the way food is cooked here  I admit the food is pricey but hey!, it’s in a hotel. Also, the place and the service is worth it.



We, my husband kids and our moms, went to Rooftop Grill as sort of a welcome dinner for my mother-in-law who came to visit us. We ordered embao/imbao soup, sizzling diana, grilled pork belly (a favorite) and adobong pusit.

One thing though that I don’t like about the restaurant is the singer. Yup, never liked folk songs, sorry.

However, all in all, our dinner went really great. Rooftop Grill is a classic, I believe, so the next time you are taking out some guests for dinner, bring them to the Rooftop Grill.


4 thoughts on “Sydney Hotel’s Rooftop Grill

  1. Hello Cathy, I will here this May 31 and for two nights. What hotel will you recommend me to stay? Is it this one where I can also dine at the rooftop? I wish I have the opportunity to show you the product I will sell to the laundry shops and the hotels. The washing impact on white linens and fabrics is great! It removes not only stains but also the odors.

  2. Hi kong leong! Yes, you can stay at Sydney Hotel. It is the hotel that houses Rooftop Grill too. Sorry I have to turn down your offer to show me your laundry products as it’s not my industry or interest. You can easily go around the city and visit the laundryshops. Thanks!

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