Euro Kitchen: Steak anyone?

I know,  I know. It has been ages since my last post. But hey, I’m back!

My husband and I celebrated our 6th anniversary about two weeks ago. We decided to go to a restaurant we have not tried before so instantly, Euro Kitchen was our choice. We have heard so much about this restaurant plus I am in search of a place to have good steak.

Euro Kitchen is on Tiongson Arcade in Lagao. (Yup, that place with all the barbecue stands.) For a place that has their menu, it was surprising that they were located in that area. However, I honestly like the country ambience and the wrought iron chairs. What I would not want to see again at Euro-Kitchen? The grill in front, the smoke from the grill and the uneven wood fence.

We ordered Quesadillas, T-Bone Steak and two glasses of red wine.



In short, Love the Quesadillas, the steak could be better. The flavor was great, the presentation fab but I have to say that the tenderness was not quite there even if we ordered it medium rare. It was served with garden salad, garlic butter and in a big plate (platter?) that almost covered the entire table. About the steak, you have to note that a good t-bone cut would be very expensive and is not advisable for Gensan market.

I love that they have a decent selection of wine and some deli items. Their glass of wine was very affordable and the wine is not bad either.

The quesadillas was fabulous! It was served with mango, cucumber and tomato salad.

I told my husband that I awnt to go back to try their other dishes like cordon bleu and potato salad. It brought us to thinking about having a search for the best steak in Gensan. Why not!

So here’s looking forward to another visit to Euro Kitchen!


10 thoughts on “Euro Kitchen: Steak anyone?

  1. hi Cathy,

    I will come to Gensan this May 30. Can you tell me where to stay and where to visit and last but not the least where to eat.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  2. Hi kongleong! You can stay at Sydney Hotel, East Asia Royale Hotel or Jovinaj. Where to eat? Just browse through the blog and you’ll see my recommendations. Do visit Sarangani Highlands and the fishport!

  3. hi cathy,

    Thanks for ur prompt response. Are all with swimming pool ? I am looking for places where i can swim and relax.

  4. Hi Ms. Cathy,

    I just want to tell you that your columns are really helpful, for me especially coz I’m not from Gensan.

    I’ve been to most of the restaurants that you have recommended and they are really good! For this week, I plan to go to the Bourderij Deli. I am sure I will enjoy it.


  5. Try the Montana hotel(formerly Tierra Verde)Good food,all brand new rooms and pool.On National Highway just back from Jollibee on the opposite side of the road.Also for drinks and food try Caico bar resto on Mabuhay road.Great ambience.

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