Have you been to O-ohlang?

When I heard the name, I knew it was another of Bebot Haw’s play of words. (remember his the lechon ni mang thomas and dili ka guapo?)

Why O-ohlang? Well, because the specialty of the house is Olang or ulang or fresh-water prawns. Although they have other seafoods and meat dishes on the menu, the star of the show is the ulang.


Personally, I like the way the prawns were cooked. Some of you might wish them cooked with lesser time because you want them really tender. We sampled three dishes of ulang: rebosado, nilasing and curry. All were good but I like the rebosado best.

Our waiter was attentive and courteous. Service was fast too. The dining area is cozy, unpretentious and not at all Japanese. LOL. (the waiters were greeting guests with Irashaimase). Sorry for the sarcasm but there was nothing japanese about the place. Maybe the menu with a few Japanese words here and there and the complimentary cold tea which was good, by the way.

All in all, we definitely enjoyed the dinner.

O-ohlang is located at NCCC Compound also. Just in front of Six Blings and Big Shot’s building.

6 thoughts on “Have you been to O-ohlang?

  1. This is paradise for me!!! I can eat unlimited praws in one sitting… I’m crazy for prawns!!! A definite “go to”.

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