Sarangani Highlands Holds Takdol Festival

Sarangani Highlands invites you to yet again another first in Gensan or maybe even in inhousetarpMindanao.

The Takdol (or full moon in Bisaya) Festival is a food and entertainment festival happening every full moon at Sarangani Highlands Garden and Restaurant in General Santos City. Every full moon date, a local or international cuisine will be featured together with live entertainment and dancing after the dinner. All efforts have been given to researching and putting together an authentic menu and entertainment that matches the featured cuisine.

The cuisines and dates are as follows:
June 7, 2009, SUnday
July 8 2009, Wednesday
Aug. 6 2009, Thursday
Sept. 4 2009, Friday
Oct. 4 2009, Sunday
Nov. 2 2009, Monday

For the First Festival, Lumad, on June 7, 2009, the food is a crossover of authentic cuisines from the B’laan, Muslim, Indonesian and Sangir.

Dance to authentic Sangir dancers and singers, witness Lerong Dancers and marvel at the beautiful sounds of the Bamboo Orchestra of pagang and the Kulintang.

Dinner is at P 450 per person. Buy or reserve for your tickets now!

Sarangani Highlands Garden and Restaurant

Purok Wal, Tambler, General Santos City
Tel. 083 3040752
Cel. 0922 8590043

Email address:


13 thoughts on “Sarangani Highlands Holds Takdol Festival

  1. HI Gay! Thank you so much for coming to the festival and for bringing a friend! we will have another one next month July 8. It will be for yuppies and the younger people kasi dance latin party sya.

  2. hi!!thank you for making this blog about sarangani highland..
    I get updated about the happenings there..
    so the next full moon will surely be great also..
    can i ask u something?
    can u get a photo of the staff there? i just want to know of a friend of mine is still working there..
    thanks alot and more powers!!

  3. Hi ariane! The next Takdol is on July 10. I’m also the one maintaining the highlands multiply site and saw your message there already about pics of the staff. I’m sorry i don’t have a lot of photos of the staff. May I just ask who are you looking for so that I can check? Thanks!

  4. hi, m hoping that you can help me trace a certain lady i met at renaissance hotel in makati earlier. she is with her mom a fishing businesswoman from tambler in gen san. we actually talked and i failed to introduce myself to her. according to her 5 sila na anak all of them are nursing graduates and nursing student. 2nd sya and already passed the boards she’s 22 years old and the only thing i regret is that i failed to get her name and failed din to introduce myself to her.
    that’s it…hoping that you can help me with this…good pm

  5. according to her she is from gen san, studied at MSU, took up nursing passed the board exam, she’s only 22. their business hanggang davao daw eh. bale 5 sila all girls in the family, 2nd sya her ate is a nursing graduate din. The only thing i remembered is she have this very beautiful round eyes.
    thanks ha for your help. too bad hangang ngayon lang sila dito sa manila for a meeting. siguro ng mga business man from gen san kasi i saw nanay dionesia last night in renaissance.
    Thanks a lot

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