Roland’s Steakhouse: They know their steak

On another quest for the best steak in town, we headed off to Roland’s Steakhouse in Lagao. First of all, I have to say that, so far, they have the best steak! They sure know how to cook steak.

Some of you might know that my husband and I have a “search” for the best steak in Gensan so we try to dine in places where they serve steak. To make it fair to all the restaurants we go to, we try to order our steak in the same meat cut and the same doneness (or rareness).

It’s a shame that, in almost six years of living in Gensan, this would be the first time I would eat at Roland’s. (Did I get the name right, by the way?) I would say because, one, they don’t promote, although, they supported the Tuna Festival Culinary Expo last year, two, the place is not where I usually am, three, the place is not attractive at all. I honestly think the faced and the dining room need to be redone already.

Now, the steak.

rolandsWe ordered T-Bone medium rare and Filet Mignon. The bacon was so “sinfully” cooked and yummy. It was basically melting-in-your-mouth-tender. The taste was okay but I was thinking of how it would taste like if it had less of the marinade. The vegetable sidings were perfectly cooked. Although, the tomato and the curly stalk were a bit baduy for me. However, all in all, everything was good.

The service was good also. But as I said, the dining room just needs a facelift. I would have loved to change the placemats and the lighting and do some repainting.

Would I go back to Roland’s? I think I would to try the burger as well.

Catch you in our next foodtrip!


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