Sunset Cafe at East Asia Royale Arcade

So far we have gone to a handful of restaurants looking for the best steak in Gensan. On one of our dinner dates, my husband and I went to Sunset Cafe in the East Asia Royale Hotel Arcade. We didn’t know that they had steak so we ordered them when we saw it on the menu. Aside from the porterhouse, I also ordered for churros.



We did not have good expectations of the steak but wow!, it was actually good! It was cooked the way we want it -rare- and the taste was comforting – juicy, tender and perfectly seasoned. The churros was a tad too sweet but I ate it all up so I couldn’t complain. The servings were good for two so basically those two were all we ordered since I came from a meeting so I was still a little bit full.

Cel007I actually like eating at Sunset because of the cozy interiors and because I love cafe settings. It is one of the few restaurants where I don’t eat the same food everytime because they have a lot of tasty treats. In previous visits I have tried their fried balut, chicken ala king on bread, scampi and others.


4 thoughts on “Sunset Cafe at East Asia Royale Arcade

  1. Hello Cathy! Thanks for the kind words about Sunset Cafe. I am so glad I saw a blog on Sunset on the internet—-and it’s from a paying customer to boot. I hope if you drop by Sunset next time and I’m around, you’ll introduce yourself so I can thank you personally.

    Please watch out for our new Sunset Cafe in Robinson’s Place. We hope to open by September 30.

    God bless!

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