Gio’s Mongo Grill in Tiongson Arcade, Lagao

Last Tuna Festival Culniary Expo, our friend in the food industry, Allan Sanidad, owner of Abi’s , was gracious enough to host a dinner for our judges in his newest resto in Tiongson Arcade, Gio’s Mongo Grill. Since I was so busy that night that I was not able to join them for dinner, I decided to check it out with my family.

Tiongson Arcade has become a wellspring of new restaurant themes and one of the best places to get your great tasting Gensan barbecue.

Gio’s Mongo Grill is located on the same side as Euro-Kitchen and Gusteau’s (who served our chefs big, tasty, sinful crabs!). Your dining experience starts before you get in the door.

That’s because you have to choose what goes into your Mongolian bowl.

gio1For our first bowl, I chose beef with loads of vegetables. Our second bowl had chicken teriyaki, fresh noodles and vegetables. Each bowl costs only P 15o! It’s good for two or three persons. You get 200 grams of meats or seafoods and fill up the rest of the bowl with vegetables and noodles. Then they ask you if want sweet and spicy or sweet only.You can watch while they cook your food.

I will say that the food was really good and healthy too! Fresh vegetables and simple flavors in that bowl are a refreshing break. (I know the food is good because there was nothing left on the platters.) On the business side, it’s one of the simplest food business models that does not say mediocre either. The service is good, the servers know what questions to ask and they are attentive. (Good job Allan!)

Gio’s Mongo Grill is located in Tiongson Arcade, Lagao.


12 thoughts on “Gio’s Mongo Grill in Tiongson Arcade, Lagao

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  2. the thing is, dito kami kakain tonight, but hindi ko alam ang oorderin ko as i am not used to just pinpoint what you want cooked for you, i want names ng putahe, haha, kinabahan tuloy ako para mamayang gani… hewheheh

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