Thank you from TFCE and GSC Tourism Association

After probably three of the most stressful weeks  of my life, the Tuna Festival Culinary Expo was successfully staged last August 29 to 31, 2009 at the Atrium of the Gaisano Mall of Gensan. Looking back, I honestly don’t know how my partners in crime, Ate Kring Macion and Chiclet Rillo and I, got to pull it all together. Despite the stress, I am happy the event turned out really well and I have more guts for next year *smile*TFCE 2009 IMGP5829-01

Although we have already sent out our thank you letters and post-event reports, I would like to thank the following people profusely.TFCE 2009 IMGP5839-01

To God for all good people He sent our way and for the strength of heart, mind and body,

To Kring Macion and Chiclet Rillo for the additional lakas ng loob LOL,

To our husbands who were our drivers and sometimes, kargadors,

To my assistant, Kim,

To the very industrious students of ACA Sargen who were our marshals,

To Marasa Grill staff for helping us with the event even if it’s not part of their job,


To the active members of GSC Tourism Association, Tita Nits Velasquez of Arnevel’s Catering, Roy of Nadie’s, Russel of T’Boli Hotel, Gladys Golingan of Family Country Hotel, Rachie of Avis Rent A Car, East Asia Royale Hotel, for the support and the attendance in meetings,

To our distinguished judges, Jill Sandique, Datu Shariff Pendatun, Christine Nunag, Rose Hatulan and Gay Carillo,

TFCE 2009 IMGP5838-01

To our major sponsors, Local government of General Santos City, GSC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tuna Festival Council, Kikkoman, Magnolia, Safi UFC (Nutriasia), Minola Oil, Lisa’s Tender Lean Meats, RDEX Food International, Unilever Foodsolutions and Dole Philippines,foodprof3

To the participants  and winners, East Asia Royale Hotel for live cooking, Grab a Crab for table setting and Brokenshire College which won in both the live cooking and table setting for students (it sure is a happy year for them), congratulations, guys,

To Gerardo’s Cakes and School of Culinary Arts, Shellane and La Germania for our cooking stations,

TFCE Awarding IMGP6213

To the rest of our sponsors, Silver Swan, SN Widereach Marketing, Fiesta Appliance, Marasa Grill, Jun Ador and Shop and Tell for our welcome display, Ms. Tess Napala and Gregoria Printing, our marshals from ACA Sargen Foundation, Chewee and the rest of the guys from ACLC Gensan, Kablon Farm, Mark dela Cruz of NDDU’s Sarimanok Dance Troupe, Kristan Educational Supply, MP Princess Digital Solutions, City Art Printing, our media partners, Wild FM – 99.1 and,


Our partner restaurants and hotels, T’Boli Hotel, Six’ Blings (now Icons), Red Tent Steakhouse, Mix n’ Magic, Nadie’s Chicken Haus, Allan Sanidad of Abi’s and Gio’s Mongo Grill, Gusteau’s for the crabs, Fuentespina House of Cashew, Sarangani Highlands and Red Ribbon,

Thank you all. Till next Culinary Expo!


5 thoughts on “Thank you from TFCE and GSC Tourism Association

  1. Congratulations to you Cathy, Kring and your team for successfully pulling this off and for raising the bar! With you guys at the helm, I’m sure the students as well as the pros learned a lot from this competition. Thanks too for a fun and memorable first visit to GenSan! God bless.

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