My wish list for Gensan in 2010

I have not blogged in a long time, I know. My apologies! I offer no excuse. *smile*

So we’re in 2010 already? Wow, how time flies really fast. (and sorry again, for the cliche.) It has been almost seven years since I moved to General Santos City. Gensan is just fine with me. It would be fabulous if I could bring over my friends and relatives though. *smile again*

When I look back at those years, I think, I literally saw Gensan become a more savvy city than what it was in 2003. In 2003, malling was not malling at all! KCC has not re-opened then and there was just Gaisano and Fitmart. Restaurants? A handful good ones. Now, you have more and better choices, I would say. When my kids need clothes, we buy in another city. When you want butter or kitchen towels (yes, the big tissues), you had to go to Davao.

When Robinsons opened last year, I was so happy. Because it was my kind of mall. It was my mall. It’s the kind of mall I grew up with. So if SM will open, that will be stupendous. On the other hand, having another mall would be somewhat going towards ultra-urbanized and commercialized cityhood (if there is such a word) which brings me now to my wish list for Gensan for this year.

I wish that Gensan would keep its bukid charm and slow-paced living despite its desire to be more urbanized, as I said, and to be more progressive.

I wish that traffic would not become bad or irritating or inconveniencing like what is happening to Davao now.

I wish that the Tourism Office of this city would be able to give exposure to Gensan, and Socsksargen for that matter, in a good light and in the way, we, Generals, see the city. (Until now, some of my friends think we don’t have malls or that we wade through pilapil to get to our houses!)

I wish that businessmen could get out of the small city mentality and really dream big not just for themselves but for others too.

I wish that Generals would spend their money in Gensan.

I also wish that there were less tricycles and more jeepneys. In fact, I wish that tricycles would limited to the barangay roads.That would be a lot more peaceful, don’t you think?

And finally, for my selfish wish, I wish there was a Wendy’s and Papemelroti somewhere within 10 kilometers. (My wish for National Book Store has been answered. Twice. And I love them both.)

2009 was great. Now, gotta work on 2010! God bless us all!


4 thoughts on “My wish list for Gensan in 2010

  1. Cathy, I wish all your wish will be answered though it doesn’t look optimistic from the viewpoint of feng shui. I wish the Generals are sensible and tolerant enough to avoid more violence and chaos.

  2. Hi kong leong! Wow you are my first commenter for the year. What’s with the feng shui thing? I’m gonna have to disagree with you about being sensible and tolerant enough because I think we are doing our part in all this peace thing. There just some things beyond our control. Thanks for dropping by!

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