Why I prefer to shop at Robinsons Supermarket now

Robinsons Place Gensan

Ever since Robinsons Supermarket opened last October 2009, I have done my grocery shopping there for a lot of reasons.

My number one reason is convenience. The supermarket is located close to the parking area and if you’re commuting, to where you can hail a jeep or tricycle. I buy groceries every two weeks so it’s usually at least seven bags or one big box when I don’t feel like accumulating more plastic bags. The short distance is great especially when the kids go with me to the grocery. The supermarket, though packed, is not sprawling which makes it easier to go from one aisle to the other. If you have been to KCC and you forget something that is located on the other end of the store, you have to walk quite a distance since the place is loooong with counters and aisles far apart.

I have to admit that price does not really play a major role although some items, I have learned, mostly national brands and imported items, are cheaper at Robinsons. I find all that I usually buy at KCC supermarket in Robinsons now. Robinsons also has a good selection of pasta and deli.

I do know, though, that a lot of people still shop at KCC. Their bonus card is a great encouraging factor really. I have one but, obviously I’m not using it now because I don’t shop at KCC anymore for personal and business reasons. (They caused me and a lot of people a lot of inconvenience last year so I don’t want to do or give them any business anymore.)

Robinsons reminds me of home (for those of you who are from Manila, you know what I mean). It’s spacious, orderly and the merchandise is to my liking. When I first did my grocery shopping at Robinsons, I was happy to see they have Marca Pina soy sauce. This may sound really petty and unusual but it’s the soy sauce that my mommy uses until now. For years, I have used Silver Swan which is not bad either. But now that Marca Pina is here, it is what I buy.

These are our great finds at Robinsons: Spam at only P 96 (yup!), Healthy You Trail Mix (our new favorite), Refresh juices (for our kids’ baon), kitchen towels (we had to buy these from Davao or Manila before), Wishy-Washy hand sanitizers and liquid soap and, of course, Marca Pina soy sauce.

If there is anything that needs to be improved at Robinsons, it would be vegetable section. Probably because there are still not a lot of people going there. I also wish that the RDEX store was inside the grocery area. I like RDEX’ peeled, deveined and tail-on shrimps.

Let me clarify that this is not a paid or sponsored review. Just a homemaker’s thoughts. Happy shopping!


5 thoughts on “Why I prefer to shop at Robinsons Supermarket now

  1. your blog post is very good..but could it be more prudent? maxado atang tinamaan ang KCC giving it a somewhat bad image.hehe..

    i love your blog po ms. cathy..

  2. Hi Erick. I prefer to shop at Robinsons so inevitably, it will not be a “good” anything for KCC. Just my opinion. Thanks for dropping by!

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