Your other pasalubong choices aside from tuna

I admit that when people know you came from General Santos CIty, they automatically think TUNA! When I go for vacation to Luzon, they expect tuna. However, I have discovered other really equally deletable and exciting pasalubong items that have become “requests” from my family whenever I go home.

Here is my list of favorite things for pasalubong in random order:

1. Trully Dried Fruits– you can buy these from TWS Ventures along National Highway. It’s in the building right next to T’Boli Hotel. Dried fruits include mango, pineapple, papaya and a tropical mix. I personally like the pineapple. The mango is a little bit unnaturally sweet. The price is really affordable too.

2. Sarangani Bay Bottled Milkfish in Oil– I swear this bottle is addictive! It’s superb! The price is reasonable compared to other brands but the taste is so worth it and more.

3. Kablon Farm Products– Aside from their already famous tablea, fruit preserves and juices, I like their peppercorn. You can really smell the spice when you grind it through the peppermill.

4. RDEX Shrimps (peeled, deveined and tail-on or without tail)– These convenient packs of shrimps which are already peeled and deveined is already a regular in my grocery list. Easy to use and really, the price might seem outrageous when you first hear it (at around P 200 for half a kilo), for me it’s worth the price when you do not have to peel and devein and throw away wasted head and shells.

5. Jo-ann’s siopao– If you are serious about bringing these heavenly treats, buy them the day before your travel, freeze and store properly enroute. Sream before serving.

6. Gelatin bar and Judy’s Misua– For some reasons, my mother just likes these varieties better than those available in Luzon. I personally have tried these and they are indeed better than those although those found in Luzon are not bad either.


2 thoughts on “Your other pasalubong choices aside from tuna

  1. Try also pork barbecue from Antipolo/Tiongson Arcade. You can buy them marinated and ready to cook. Comes in packs of 25. This was a hit with my family.

  2. Thanks Gay! Nakapackage na ba sya for travel or pasalubong? I’ll try it next time I travel alone at kung Manila lang. Alam mo naman malayo pa ang bukid namin sa Pangasinan. 🙂

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