Restaurant Review: Bigben’s Steaks and Grill

I am writing this post after my second visit to Bigben’s, located in Robinsons Place Gensan. Our first visit was not very okay because of the food so I decided to give them another try.

On our second visit, I am not exactly jumping up and down. I would say it could be better on the service side.

The food was better, first and foremost and thank goodness! We ordered porterhouse steak rare and sinigang rice. They did get the steak cooked the way we want it and the taste was great. The soup and the salad which went with the steak were somewhat out-of-place.

The other dish we ordered, sinigang rice, was good too. I have tasted sinigang rice before and their sinigang rice was not as good as my first one but it was good anyway. They could do something better with the presentation though.

Going back to why we were not so happy with the service. We had to wait quite a couple of minutes to be acknowledged by somebody and be given a menu. We seated ourselves already and I am sure somebody at the counter saw us. Anyway, there were just a couple of tables occupied but two waiters on the floor do not suffice. Good thing, our orders took less than 15 minutes to be served. One funny thing, a guest left the door open so we were waiting for the waiter (who passed the door) to close. He did not! It was like he was absent-minded or something.

Two other things they could improve on: the size of their table for four and their menu. I think the table was designed NOT for a family style service where you have serving platters but individual servings only. It was too small even for two people who would order three dishes. Their plates and platters are way too big for those tables for four. I think the longer tables are better though. As for the menu, their menu font type and design were not clear and not suitable for a menu considering the place has mood lighting. There was even a separate photo album of food pictures. They should have just inserted those pictures in the menu book itself.

So will I be going back to Bigben’s? Yes, I would! For the steak!

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