Movie life transformed

Before moving to Gensan more than seven years ago, I watched movies regularly. I love watching movies in the big screen! Add to that, of course, the good company I get to enjoy. I experienced lining up in long lines for those really sought-after movies. Or waiting for an almost dawn screening because that’s the best time you can get with all the people wanting to watch that movie. I think that was a Star Wars movie.

All that changed when I moved to Gensan. I didn’t get good reviews about the cinema conditions so I haven’t even taken a peek or even tried or even stepped into the then two existing cinema areas in the malls.

When Robinsons opened in September, I didn’t know they would have a cinema! When I finally had the time to check the cinemas out,  I was so glad they included a cinema in the new mall. They have four cinemas,clean, spacious and, well,freezing sometimes. It was like being born again. At the current price of P 81 per mvie, it is a bargain compared to movie rates in Manila or even Davao. The movies being shown are the good, non-crappy ones too so I am extra glad.

Wednesdays have become somewhat like paydays for me. I look forward to them because that’s the day the cinema changes movies!

So see you at the movies!


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