Resto Review: Little Dubai Kebab Grills

I have not been visiting new restaurants lately so this week, I resumed my restaurant hopping and, boy, was I productive (and full!) this week!

I recently visited Little Dubai Kebab Grills in SAFI Arcade right next to KCC Mall. It’s a new restaurant owned and managed by the vibrant Dimples Odi. I think that her entertaining was part of our enjoyable dinner.

I will say that it sure is a small place but don’t we Generals like to be closer to each other? The place is cozy and well-lit. The service staff who attended to us could beat my other waiters with her attention and good service sense. (Of course, I am not sure if it’s because Dimples was there. *smile*)

We ordered Chciken Bryani, Beef Kebab, Maverick Salad and their very intirguing Mark’s Flamed Ice Cream with Mint Sauce.

First of all, upon seeing the menu, I was surprised at how affordable the dishes were. My husband and I were kidding that our total bill was our individual average check in other restaurant. Of course, you have to be warned that the servings are not for those who have sumo wrestler appetites.

Our chicken bryani and beef kebab tasted great! It was a refreshing new taste in a city over-served (I don’t there there is such a word) with oriental dishes. The salads are simple but palate-cleansing.The chicken and beef were so tender and perfectly seasoned. On my next visit, I have to try the tuna kebab.

The flamed ice cream with mint sauce capped our dinner nicely.This dessert is actually torched ice cream. The mint sauce gave a yogurt-y tang to the mild sweetness of the ice cream.

So, to answer the ultimate question, will we come back to Little Dubai? Yes, we will! As I said, I already have an order list in mind.

Little Dubai is located in SAFI Arcade just a stone’s throw away from KCC. Photos taken by Milper Bolodo.

6 thoughts on “Resto Review: Little Dubai Kebab Grills

  1. cath attentive talaga ang waitress nila..had my lunch there last tuesday with the wizard mommies..and i love their mark’s flamed ice cream!!

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