Pizza War! Mamma Maria Pizzeria vs. Calda Pizza

There’s seems to be a regular supply of new restaurants in Gensan, we can’t catch up with them! So on this post, I’ll be telling you all about a Saturday I went on a pizza overload.

I know these two pizza places have been open for quite some time but have not yet gotten the time to check them out.

To be fair to both, I asked for their bestsellers and they are Mamma Maria’s Mamma Mia Pizza and Calda Pizza’s Calda Pizza.

Mamma Mia Pizza

Calda Pizza

Mamma Mia was a little lacking in sauce and cheese while Calda was just generous on those. Crust-wise, I like them both. What just bothered me with Mamma Mia’s crust was the crispy, thin crust edges that became an inconvenience for me as I could not hold the pizza well without crumbling the edges. It was messy too. Taste? I vote for Calda. Flavorful, less greasy and toppings-abundant. When you add hot sauce or pepper sauce to it, it just becomes a winner. So I would say now that Calda Pizza is my guy.

I tried Mamma Maria’s Carbonara as well. It was okay. I wasn’t jumping up and down though.

On store location and ambience, Mamma Maria’s is air-conditioned while Calda is al fresco. It could get really warm in Gensan so I would really love to be eating in a cooler place. On my visit to Mamma Maria’s, I was alone in the restaurant yet as it was still really early for lunch. Bad thing, the staff were laughing out loud and storytelling like they were in a beach outing. It was very unprofessional.

So will I go back to Mamma Maria’s and Calda? I think I will. I still have a lot of pizza and pasta to try out.

Mamma Maria’s Pizzeria is located in Quirino Ave just in front of Starbright and Calda Pizza is located in Clarisa St. If you’re coming from the National Highway, turn right when you see the RDEX store, that’s Clarisa St.


12 thoughts on “Pizza War! Mamma Maria Pizzeria vs. Calda Pizza

  1. nice update…haven’t been in any of the two yet i wanted to try but likewise haven’t had the time… yet. I can’t enjoy food in hot sauce in a warm place so am gonna try Mamma first…but i like good food as well so im gonna have my calda on take out if store still has no ac… how about the price difference??

  2. Hi Cathy – At Mama Maria’s be sure to try the Grandiosa, it is pretty loaded with toppings. Mama Maria’s opened in Davao a month ago or so, and I have enjoyed their pizza. The last time we got a pizza there, though, it was not very good. I am hoping that was just an anomaly, and not an indication that the quality is already slipping there.

  3. Hi Bob! I think Mamma Maria straightens up. Calda is attracting a lot of people now here that they just might be left out real quick. I’m going to try that Grandiosa soon!

  4. Hi Cathy,

    I’ll be visiting GenSan on 21st for my work vacation. We were supposed to go to Batanes but there are no more flihgts. So we opted to go to GenSan.

    Anyway, I was browsing for things to do in GenSan and your blog came out and I was happy to see that it was all about GenSan. I was hoping you could tell me places we could check in,visit? Are there good beach around? I have no problem about the places to eat I’ll just read your blog.

    Thanks! It will be a big help!

  5. HI Coco! I’m glad you love the posts on this blog. Places to visit, Sarangani Highlands, Fishport (pre-arrangement needed), Lake Sebu, Gumasa in Glan, Sarangani Province for beautiful beaches. Enjoy Gensan!

  6. Hi Cathy,

    Been a long time.. Just want to ask if you know somebody who makes simple website designs here in Gensan..

    BTW, as always, your food/restaurant reviews are most helpful.


  7. hi cathy. been visiting other local places here in Mindanao and I’ve tried the pizza of r.kelly, its also good. bad thing when i ask them if they have branches in other places, they still has no branch in davao nor gensan, they only has branches in surigao, butuan, san frans agusan del sur and iligan. but their pizza do taste good and loaded if you’ll choose the managers choice with the price that is really affordable. they also got that crispy thin and that bread like pizza like greenwich.. hope you could try eating it too at r.kelly pizza house.

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