My favorite restaurants at Robinsons

It is somewhat unfair of me. You know why? I blog about restaurants I recently visited but have not blogged about these restaurants that I do frequent. As in weekly or every other week!

Hmmm… I do have some blogging to do for them. I think I eat in these places for meetings and for my “me” times so I do not take pictures of their food. I do have some but not as good as I wish they would be.

There are five of them: Coffee Club 101, Piyesta, Fonti, Sunset Bistro and Aunt Ludi’s.

What do I like eating in each place?

Coffee Club 101 is a hangout place for me so definitely coffee and sandwiches. It’s my after-movie or after-dinner destination. I like Coffee Club’s super comfortable chairs and low tables. I do veer away from their cakes as they are super-sinful but I do give in to a cheesecake every now and then.

Piyesta is a great, great dinner or lunch restaurant. Their menu is beautifully Filipino and the price is super affordable. I always end up eating beef steak or sisig or sweet and sour pork when I dine alone or one of their P 500 group meals. The food is good and works well for almost everybody.

Now, Fonti, on the other side, is a comfort food little cafe in between Aling Lucing (whose sisig was surprisingly not good at all) and Alberto. If you want good pasta and pastries, this is the place for you. Their Hot Chocolate and Brewed Coffee are outstanding for me. This week, I think I ate there for four times because of meetings. Ms. Fontanilla and friends sure have good taste.

Sunset Bistro is another restaurant just near Piyesta. It’s a cozy restaurant serving a whole lot of good dishes. I like their pasta as well and tacos. It’s a versatile restaurant. It can be a special-occasions dining place or it can be your meeting place or your quiet-eating-time-alone place. The prices on their dishes are surprisingly affordable given the elegant black, white and red decor inside.

Aunt Ludi’s Bakeshoppe is no lonely bakeshop at all! Try their burgers and pizza! Of course, their cakes are equally fantastic. I do hope that they could do something with the color scheme and arrangement of tables and bread cabinets in their store. It’s rather gloomy or pale.

Will I come back to these restaurants? I surely am coming back and it’s going to be very soon!


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