Resto review: Little Kitchen

Before anything else (and probably the summary of this post), I love Little Kitchen. Let me tell you why.

Little Kitchen is a pretty little resaurant in Quirino Avenue right next to Calderon Clinic. It is indeed a small space but the food sure makes up for it.

Little kitchen does not have any particular cuisine or theme but when I tasted their pasta and pizza dishes, I felt that the menu must be somebody else’s comfort foods or just the kind of food they want to eat and cook. I tasted the “love”.

Just recently, I got the chance to meet the owners and I was spot my theory. The dishes in their menu were the dishes they wanted to eat themselves and which they can cook well too.

Little Kitchen serves some of the simplest yet tastiest pizza and pasta I have tried. Honestly, I wish they would use another kind of cheese other than cheddar for the pasta dishes but, on the other hand, I tasted olive oil-loving. (I cannot have everything.)

One sign I like a restaurant is when I don’t get to take a lot of pictures. I just go straight to devouring my pizza and pasta. So I’m really sorry if I cannot post any picture of their pizza and pasta.

On my recent visit, I tried their Fresh Lumpia. The wrapper was soft and the filling crunchy good and tasty. Unfortunately, I did quite like my meatballs toppings as the meatballs were a little bit dried.

I have tried all their pasta and pizza dishes (yes all!) but my personal favorites are the Shrimp Scampi Pizza and the Pasta Lucia. You should try those out.

Just a little tweaking on their service and they would be an awesome restaurant.

Don’t need to ask me if I’m coming back because I surely will.


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