Sa Balai Bistro in Koronadal City

Recently, on a business trip to Koronadal, I decided to try Sa Balai Bistro. Sa Balai Bistro is owned by Carlo Ebeo who has invited me to his restaurant a long time ago. I owe him this visit and I am glad I decided to check out his place.

The restaurant is set in an ancestral home-like place which really bespeaks of Carlo’s involvement in the culture and the arts. We decided to sit in the outdoor area with a single table.

We ordered Bulalo Soup and Garlic Chicken. One word: Superb! Sad thing is we attacked the chicken at once so I didn’t get to take a pciture. But here’s the Bulalo Soup. The taste was simply heartwarming. For people who considers bulalo their comfort food, they should try this. It’s a very “clean” version of bulalo. Not greasy, over umami-ed nor bland either. The vegetables were cooked just right. The chicken is a dark-colored garlic chicken that really had loads of garlic. It was good! What’s great was that the price was really very affordable and the servings aplenty. We ordered only Bulalo soup and Garlic Chicken but it was more than enough for the four of us.

If there was any thing I would change in Sa Balai, it would be the semi-dark lighting inside the restaurant. It was also obviously homey which almost bordered on “too familiar”. We had to call out to be entertained and there was practically no waiter around when you need one.

Otherwise, I am excited to try out the rest of their dishes. I hope I could visit them again in my next visit.

Sa Balai Bistro is located in Abad Santos St., Koronadal City.





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