Call for a more stringent traffic management

If there is one thing I would want to change or improve in Gensan, it would be the traffic management particularly the way some motorcycle drivers drive and the totally insufficient enforcement of traffic rules.

I have a difficulty being patient when travelling. There have been more than one occasion when I have to throw dagger glances or the occasional dirty finger to drivers who definitely do not have a clue as to how to drive properly.

Here are certain cases that totally exasperate me:

– Motorcycle drivers who shift lanes like crazy and who cut you just so they can get ahead without thinking about their safety or the commuters nearby.

– Chaotic intersections all because of impatient motorcycle drivers and jeepneys too. Tricycles inserting themselves even beyond the inner or leftmost lane to get ahead. Or sometimes, they hesitate (they don’t entirely stop, take note) in the middle of the intersection when they see another vehicle approaching.

– Single motorcyles carrying the whole family! That includes

– Signalling at the corner where they are to turn already. Supposed to be meters away right?

– Parking at corners

– Vehicles without any taillight or headlights even.

There are still other areas of improvement but so far the list above tops my major frustrations.

In the US, they have very stringent driving requirements which is so envious. Aside from proving you can actually drive properly, you have to take a DMV test which is like the written version or part of the whole process. What is good is that drivers there do not get even a student permit if they do not get to prove they will not be road hazards.

I really do hope the City Government will look into it. This is the second administration I have been through since I moved to Gensan but so far, these traffic problems have not been addressed. Except of course, their dancing cops. That’s another topic.


2 thoughts on “Call for a more stringent traffic management

  1. I totally agree with you… especially when vehicles signal at the corner when they are to turn already. It is supposed to be meters away. Drivers here in Gen. Santos City have no discipline.

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