My Overnight Stay at Sarangani Highlands Hotel

After four years, Sarangani Highlands still continues to surprise me and even their most loyal customers with continued development.

On our annual anniversary dinner, I decided to ask Dr. Abella, the owner, if I can stay overnight in their new hotel. Thankfully, she agreed. I had a great time.

I stayed in one of their deluxe rooms on the second floor. It’s a clean, simple yet elegant room with a great view from the room veranda and from the veranda in the hallway. It’s the type of hotel room you want to stay in and just read a book or watch tv or even just stare at the ceiling.


Due to my weekday 5am alarm, I automatically woke up at 5am…. on a Saturday morning! Even without the alarm! Anyway, it wasn’t too bad because I got to have the whole place to myself at the break of dawn.

Lovely. Priceless.

It was a relaxing moment trotting to the ridge thr0ugh the morning mist. If you like Sarangani Highlands with a lot of people walking around and dining, imagine being alone (well, aside from the gardener) and basking in the calm and quiet of the place. But it was also a great moment to have breakfast with the people behind Sarangani Highlands.

I plan to do this again, alone and with my family and to invite my friends to do the same because I know a lot of them would appreciate some downtime.

The deluxe rooms start at P 1,500 per night and the superior rooms (good for seven people) are at P 1,900 per night. Great price for a fabulous time!

Should you wish to reserve a room, you can call 083 3040752 or email



6 thoughts on “My Overnight Stay at Sarangani Highlands Hotel

  1. can u post a picture of your superior room…so that we can know if were comfortable for stay
    over .coz we have a big family

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