Spas abound in Gensan!

I have previously written about salons that I go to. Some of my choices have changed over the years. This is because, well, a lot of salons have evolved from just the hair and mani-pedi places but more of salon, spa manicure and pedicure destinations where you can practically stay in the salon all day and not run out of things to do.

My needs are basic: haircut, pedicure, wax, massage, facial.

Nowadays, I go to Envy Me Salon in Robinsons for my haircut and pedicure. For my facial, I go between Skin Perfect and Envy Me now as well. I recently tried Envy Me’s wax and facial, thanks to my Donna, and I have moved my patronage to them since.

I know they must be doing a good job  because the salon is busy everytime I go there and  sometimes have to wait for my preferred staff for spa manicure and pedicure. For massage, it’s Tanton Thai Massage on Osmena and Red Tropical Spa just at the back of Robinsons. Tanton if it’s a quick 30-minute destresser (if there’s such a word) foot massage and Red Tropical Spa for the whole body pampering. I so love these places! They just got the perfect “hagod” for me.

Nail polish and manicure for the rare special occasion. Hair treatments too although I do prefer to just keep my hair as untouched as possible these days.

While I prefer my spa and salon services simple, I would soon like to try body scrub and diamond peel for my face. My friends swear by it so I’m practically sold.


13 thoughts on “Spas abound in Gensan!

      • Its ok, I just had the copy of all Spa/massage establishment from Mayor’s office. For all those who are interested to take review for massage license by DOH please contact me 09185147722. By year 2013, all massage attendant in spa must be license or else…Take the opportunity, classes will be on March 2012. Thanks.

  1. Hi, im D.O.H licensed and tesda certificate holder massage therapist, working over 10years in experience i know how to apply the right kind of massage to the clients, i am highly skilled providing massage therapist utilizing safe and helpful massage. For HOME and HOTEK SERVICE CALL OR TEXT ME 09103612313 thank you

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