Corporate Giveaways and Gifts Stores

It’s the gift-giving season once again and I am sure you still might be hunting for gifts for your friends, family and even clients, like me.

While it is a dream of mine to have a corporate giveaways company, this article will tell you where you can get corporate giveaways, tokens, promotional items and other customized items in Gensan.

1. Memento in KCC- It’s where you can get gift items and order customized notebooks, invites and boxes.

2. Prints and You in KCC- You can have your logo, text or pictures printed on mugs, shirts, keychain, plates and the like.

3. Print Factory (at the back of Hyundai, National Highway) – Nearest thing in Gensan for a corporate giveaways store. This is where I have my embroidery and silk screening done for customized promotional items and marketing materials.

4. Roi’s Bag Supply (Recto St.)- They make and repair bags and even print your logos or text on it.

Happy shopping!



One thought on “Corporate Giveaways and Gifts Stores

  1. hi.. i like your blog, especially on how you express your opinion about GenSan.. I am a resident of GenSan but I came to love Davao because certain things are quite more accessible there than here in GenSan. I’d like to ask your opinion. I’m quite fascinated with crafts and certainly I could not find a really good craft store here in GenSan. Do you think opening a craft store business would be good????

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