Make it Happen in 2014

For people who know me, they would know that I love to organize my life like a company.  Annual goal setting, year-end review, action plan and the like. I am really a planning enthusiast.

So when it comes to everything planning, I am in.

Every year, I set work-related goals. I write them down and follow them with action items and a schedule, things I should do to obtain my goals. I will admit that a couple of times, my goals don’t really get to be true due to a lot of factors. Some of them mostly because I am busy dealing with current clients and projects. 

One of the things I would love to make happen in 2014 would be my foodservice-related website! I work in the food and hotel industry and I have been longing to have a website for my consultancy and suppliers. I have bought the domain, sourced out hosting and web developers but I have not really come down to getting it online because, well, the website is heavy on data that I have not organized yet. Image

So I honestly have to plan for it. So I am sure a funky and helpful Belle de Jour Planner would inspire me .


Inviting you the BDJ Fair 2013 : #MakeitHappen on Oct 13 (Sunday) at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall
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