Glan 100 days countdown begins

The Municipality of Glan will be celebrating their centennial this year on October 8. Last July 1, 2014, the town and its leaders unveiled their countdown marker at the town plaza headed by their honorable mayor, Victor James B. Yap Sr.


The event highlights aside from the unveiling of the marker was the Mob Dance which was participated in by municipal employees, teachers and students.

Glan is the oldest town in SocSKSargen and is one of the seven towns of Sarangani Province. It is home to famous Gumasa Beach.

Festival activities of note include a Coco Village tour, Photo contest, Resort and Cultural Tour, an exhibit of the town’s history and leaders, Coconut Congress and a Balikbayan dinner. The celebration’s culmination will coincide with the Lubi-Lubi Festival.

Mayor Yap of Glan

Mayor Victor James Yap Sr. speaks during the event

Glan municipal hall

Students gather for the unveling. Glan Municipal Hall at the background.

To be updated of the events, please like Glan 100: It all started here on or by clicking here.




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