Why the Farmers’ Market is such a hit

On May 25, 2014, a new Sunday habit was started in General Santos. It is the Sunday Farmers’ Market. 

The Farmers’ Market was a wonderful idea by Ms. Rue Ramas, owner of Seed World, lead marketing advocate of Corn Husk craft makers and overall gardening and agriculture enthusiast. Every Sunday, from 7am to 12nn, farmers and sellers of various food products, cooked and uncooked, fill their space with wonderful, fresh products that shoppers couldn’t resist buying.

What has become a simple selling opportunity has become a hit in the city and here are the reasons why.

# 1 Everything is fresh and beautiful.









Most, if not all the fruits and vegetables specially, are in their just-picked state. I personally tasted the difference when I started cooking using the ingredients I purchased from the Farmers’ Market. The vegetables stay longer fresher. Some of the vegetables are even organic. 

Recently, shrimps, live lapu-lapu and free-range organic chicken have been available as well.

# 2  The great food finds

There is a delicious range of Filipino delicacies and processed food that my friends, family and I have found to be great food finds. There’s suman, palitaw, espasol, chorizo, tocino, sikwate, homemade bacon and embotido, binignit, cookies, batchoy, dinuguan, coco sugar, alamang, chocolate moron and many, many more! 

It is always a “comfort food” binge everytime we go to Farmers’ Market. Tables and chairs are placed in the garden where we feast on our food finds.

# 3 The atmosphere of friendship and wellness

Sunday vegetable shoppers

Sunday vegetable shoppers

Primarily because there are beautiful displays of vegetables and shoppers. That they purchase these fresh goods mean that they value their health and, consequently, give livelihood to farmers. Personally, I am happy when I see my friends and acquaintances at the Farmers’ Market. People who wake up early to sell or buy vegetables are, for me, people with discipline and eagerness for life. There is also an ambient glee on these mornings in Tita Rue’s garden.

So if you haven’t gone there yet or if you happen to be in Gensan on a Sunday, please visit Farmers’ Market. It’s every Sunday, 7am to 12nn, Tiongson Extension, Lagao, Gen. Santos City. in front of Notre Dame IBED.


12 thoughts on “Why the Farmers’ Market is such a hit

  1. I have been there twice, even bringing my non-local friends visiting Gensan to enjoy it. The foods,farming produce and veritable fresh vegetables and marine products are some of the best in town. I enjoyed too the availability of capampangan delis that provide the place a wonderful environment. Friends and people come to meet each other there joyfully and it has become a barkadahan place.
    Kudos to Rue Ramas! Ang galing!
    Rene Pamintuan

  2. Nice blog, Ms. Cathy! I’ve been wanting to visit the Farmers Market too! Sana sa Sunday!!! Hope to see you there!

  3. Wow, another successful idea of Rue….mabuhay! Hope to visit the market when I visit GenSan next year. Talagang mover and shaker itong si Mrs. Ramas.

  4. Good day Ms Cathy,

    I would like to inquire if there is sufficient banana available (Cardava variety or Saba) in Gensan?
    We are banana chips processor named TITAS BANANA CHIPS in Luzon.

    Best regards,
    Angel Flavier
    Titas Banana Chips

  5. Congratulations, Rue Ramas, you are such an inspirations to everyone and to all sellers and buyers more power… Buy Local… Support Local… Well done everyone.

  6. Hi Cathy,
    Great blog. Congratulations to Mrs. Ramas.
    May I ask how we could contact Mrs. Ramas? Kindly PM me of her contact info (email or phone). Thanks. Keep blogging interesting finds in our City!

  7. i hope the farmer’s market has a stall for vegetables salad lovers, especially having fresh organic lettuces, paired with hot choco or native coffee. im just new here in gensan and wanting to discover more things about the city.

    • Hi Carin. Yes, there are salad greens and organic vegetables at the Farmer’s Market. native coffee, I have not seen yet but native chocolate, yes. Thanks!

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