SumoSam brings the taste of Japan to General Santos City

Gensan, being the hub of SocSkSargen, takes pride in being home to great restaurants and stores. In SM City Gensan, there is a restaurant that brings the Taste of Japan to Generals and that is SumoSam.

Opened in 2013, SumoSam takes pride in serving only authentic Japanese dishes which have fortunately delighted Filipinos as well. The effort of cooking up good Japanese food is evident in the taste of the broth of their ramen and in the rice of their maki.


Vegetable Ramen


Chicken Teriyaki (ala carte) and Japanese Fried Rice

The tenderness of the chicken and coleslaw with a tangy mustard dressing was great with the “dish-by-itself” deliciousness of the Japanese Fried Rice. It was a great pair. 


Sukiyaki cooked tableside

My favorite for the dinner, however, would be the Sukiyaki which use Wagyu beef. The goodness of the beef, the sweet flavor of the quickly sauteed onions and the perfect broth was an absolute winner for me.

Other dishes we tried were their Dynamite Roll (dynamite because it was spicy-good) and Beef Niki Udon. 

SumoSam is located at the ground floor, near exit to Fountain Area of SM City General Santos City. They also accept delivery and catering service.


Why the Farmers’ Market is such a hit

On May 25, 2014, a new Sunday habit was started in General Santos. It is the Sunday Farmers’ Market. 

The Farmers’ Market was a wonderful idea by Ms. Rue Ramas, owner of Seed World, lead marketing advocate of Corn Husk craft makers and overall gardening and agriculture enthusiast. Every Sunday, from 7am to 12nn, farmers and sellers of various food products, cooked and uncooked, fill their space with wonderful, fresh products that shoppers couldn’t resist buying.

What has become a simple selling opportunity has become a hit in the city and here are the reasons why.

# 1 Everything is fresh and beautiful.









Most, if not all the fruits and vegetables specially, are in their just-picked state. I personally tasted the difference when I started cooking using the ingredients I purchased from the Farmers’ Market. The vegetables stay longer fresher. Some of the vegetables are even organic. 

Recently, shrimps, live lapu-lapu and free-range organic chicken have been available as well.

# 2  The great food finds

There is a delicious range of Filipino delicacies and processed food that my friends, family and I have found to be great food finds. There’s suman, palitaw, espasol, chorizo, tocino, sikwate, homemade bacon and embotido, binignit, cookies, batchoy, dinuguan, coco sugar, alamang, chocolate moron and many, many more! 

It is always a “comfort food” binge everytime we go to Farmers’ Market. Tables and chairs are placed in the garden where we feast on our food finds.

# 3 The atmosphere of friendship and wellness

Sunday vegetable shoppers

Sunday vegetable shoppers

Primarily because there are beautiful displays of vegetables and shoppers. That they purchase these fresh goods mean that they value their health and, consequently, give livelihood to farmers. Personally, I am happy when I see my friends and acquaintances at the Farmers’ Market. People who wake up early to sell or buy vegetables are, for me, people with discipline and eagerness for life. There is also an ambient glee on these mornings in Tita Rue’s garden.

So if you haven’t gone there yet or if you happen to be in Gensan on a Sunday, please visit Farmers’ Market. It’s every Sunday, 7am to 12nn, Tiongson Extension, Lagao, Gen. Santos City. in front of Notre Dame IBED.

Call for a more stringent traffic management

If there is one thing I would want to change or improve in Gensan, it would be the traffic management particularly the way some motorcycle drivers drive and the totally insufficient enforcement of traffic rules.

I have a difficulty being patient when travelling. There have been more than one occasion when I have to throw dagger glances or the occasional dirty finger to drivers who definitely do not have a clue as to how to drive properly.

Here are certain cases that totally exasperate me:

– Motorcycle drivers who shift lanes like crazy and who cut you just so they can get ahead without thinking about their safety or the commuters nearby.

– Chaotic intersections all because of impatient motorcycle drivers and jeepneys too. Tricycles inserting themselves even beyond the inner or leftmost lane to get ahead. Or sometimes, they hesitate (they don’t entirely stop, take note) in the middle of the intersection when they see another vehicle approaching.

– Single motorcyles carrying the whole family! That includes

– Signalling at the corner where they are to turn already. Supposed to be meters away right?

– Parking at corners

– Vehicles without any taillight or headlights even.

There are still other areas of improvement but so far the list above tops my major frustrations.

In the US, they have very stringent driving requirements which is so envious. Aside from proving you can actually drive properly, you have to take a DMV test which is like the written version or part of the whole process. What is good is that drivers there do not get even a student permit if they do not get to prove they will not be road hazards.

I really do hope the City Government will look into it. This is the second administration I have been through since I moved to Gensan but so far, these traffic problems have not been addressed. Except of course, their dancing cops. That’s another topic.

Movie life transformed

Before moving to Gensan more than seven years ago, I watched movies regularly. I love watching movies in the big screen! Add to that, of course, the good company I get to enjoy. I experienced lining up in long lines for those really sought-after movies. Or waiting for an almost dawn screening because that’s the best time you can get with all the people wanting to watch that movie. I think that was a Star Wars movie.

All that changed when I moved to Gensan. I didn’t get good reviews about the cinema conditions so I haven’t even taken a peek or even tried or even stepped into the then two existing cinema areas in the malls.

When Robinsons opened in September, I didn’t know they would have a cinema! When I finally had the time to check the cinemas out,  I was so glad they included a cinema in the new mall. They have four cinemas,clean, spacious and, well,freezing sometimes. It was like being born again. At the current price of P 81 per mvie, it is a bargain compared to movie rates in Manila or even Davao. The movies being shown are the good, non-crappy ones too so I am extra glad.

Wednesdays have become somewhat like paydays for me. I look forward to them because that’s the day the cinema changes movies!

So see you at the movies!

My LTO experience

Before Christmas, I attempted to get my student permit since I wanted to learn how to drive before the new year. So off I went to LTO or Land Transportation Office to get one.

Like most other encounter with government offices, it was both good and not-so-good.

First, let me say that I started applying for my student permit before I gave birth (around early September). However, I got busy with other things that I did not get to finish the application. So i resumed last December.

To apply for a student permit, you have to start by attending the seminar. Second, you line up at counter one, get your picture taken, pay, get your permit. That may sound quick but not exactly sa tunay na buhay like what a lot of us would say. LOL. This process took me basically a whole morning for the seminar (which shouln’t have been, I’ll explain later.) and about three hours in the afternoon.

Why was it good? Because I think that process was organized, the latter part, and that it’s not hard to get a student permit. I think also that the person giving the seminar was good except that he started late. He is with the traffic management group so I think he basically knows what drivers do on the road and I hope that the other people attending the seminar saw the importance of what the speaker was saying.

Which brings me to the part of why it was not so good. First, the seminar started late. He was sort of trying to gather more people, dilly-dallying on whether he should cancel the session or just sign our applciation forms right away without seminar. I waited for one hour, prompt me. I knew it was at 9am because the previous seminar I attended started at 9. I just reattended because I did not want to fuss around with looking for my name in the attendance. Second, I paid 320 pesos and it turned out the fee as just around 317 pesos! Whoa! I did not realize it until I got home. If there are at least 50 people applying everyday, that’s an outright 100 tip for the cashier or whoever! I wonder if their bosses know about this. Second, I paid for a measly 20 peso ID jacket finding out later on that it’s only P 6.50 in National Book Store!Hay naku… How come no one told me? LOL. So you guys now are pre-warned and I hope pre-armed. Don’t pay for that ID jacket. Bring your dad’s or brother’s old jacket so you have something to show or just tell the guy you have one already unless, of course, if you don’t mind buying the thing from them.

By the way, don’t bother putting on makeup or removing the sheen on your face. It doesn’t help. Nobody looks good in their driver’s license. *smile*

Note: I was told to return on January 21, 2009. I think to get the real card or have an exam. I don’t know yet. Will let you know.

Reusing Plastic Bags

I watched a TV show last week where they featured a town where market and grocery shoppers were encouraged to use baskets and bring their own plastic bags. The stores are actually giving a discount off those who would bring their own bags!

I honestly wish that the same could be implemented here in Gensan too. I would say that most of us would go grocery shopping around once a week or every other week. For an average family, you probably buy two or three bags’ worth of items at a time. Add to that the other plastic bags you accumulate from bakeshops, drugstores, school supplies store and department stores. That’s a whole lot of plastic bags! At home, we do get to use the plastic bags for the trash but that’s using a bag for about two days. We actually have a big plastic bag full of plastic bags.

When we go to the market, we bring our own plastic bags so that we don’t have to buy bags in the market anymore. Besides, grocery bags are a lot better in carrying the weight of vegetables than the thin bags they sell in the market.

Going back to my wish, I do wish that supermarkets would encourage shoppers to bring their own bags. I don’t mind not being given some centavos off. Besides the stores would be saving on costs for new plastic bags, we will be doing our battered environment a favor.

Orange Bistro Promotions

Got these really nice pictures of Orange Bistro from Cathy Teng. Orange will still remain one of my favorite restaurants in Gensan. Why? It saved me from a little loneliness when I was new in Gensan. LOL. I missed cafes then. Until now, their menu is nothing like the restaurants. (though I feel the taste changed a bit when they moved to Lagao) My family had lunch there three weeks ago. We enjoyed the Halo-halo. It was a lot and the price was not expensive at all! Enjoy the pictures!

Comparing KCC and Gaisano

I heard recently that Robinsons Mall is going to have its groundbreaking supposedly May 12 and that SM malls is “inquiring” about something in the city already.

Does anyone know anything about it?

If there is any truth to two malls coming up, maybe it’s time KCC and Gaisano start straightening up. I like KCC for its convenience but Gaisano needs to check out a lot of flaws.

I specially have this problem with Gaisano. The CRs are dirty and incoveniently located. It was a good thing that Spazio Cafe and Port Cafe have ok-ok toilets. The sales staff, I think, are just there to guard their items but try asking them anything out of the obvious about their products, they don’t have an idea. I guess because they dont’ get to stay in their work long enough or weren’t trained enough. Some staff are just plain rude, “dedma” or clueless about their work.

But if you compare the variety of products, Gaisano actually has better and more choices. I know because I frequent the toys’ area and home section. Gaisano will win those categories by a mile. Maybe KCC’s buyers need to flex more muscles.

Grocery? Much as Gaisano has some items KCC does not have, I will still go to KCC because of the good grocery carts and well-organized lanes. I don’t like squeaky carts with misaligned wheels.

Restaurants? Hmmm… I like both their outlets so that will be a draw for me.

Variety of stores? That will go to KCC as well.

Let me clear out though that this is not a paid advertisement of KCC. Just my humble opinion.

Adoration Chapel of Lagao Church

On Maundy Thursday, my hubby, kids and I started our Visita Iglesia. So off we went to our parish which is St. Michael the Archangel on Nunez St. We are blessed to be residing near St. Michael since we do like going there for Sunday mass. The church has already been redone, the breeze just adds to a comfortable churchgoing (no need for fans) and the other people understand our kids’ noise and kakulitan.

So after St. Michael, we went to Bula Church or Sto. Nino Parish. Then off we went to lagao Church. I am sorry not to remember what the parish is called but anyway, we went there. My husband noticed their adoration chapel.


You see, I like visiting adoration chapels because they just help you be more intent in your prayers. What I particularly liked about this particular adoration church is that it is a separate structure from the church and the surroundings or view from inside are plants. Makes for more peaceful praying. It just seemed very serene and special.

I just might go back there just to visit their adoration chapel.

No Price Increase

Since it’s the Holy Week, I decided to buy vegetables and fish from the public market last Saturday. I was expecting that prices for fresh fish would be increased. Fortunately, they were practically in the same price as they were a couple of days before.

One more good news is that the price for onions has been reduced by a third. When last month, they were at P 120-150, now they were at 40-50 pesos per kilo. Wow, that is really great.

Vegetable prices have not gone up too. They’ve actually reduced by about 5% . Surprisingly, the previous week, meat prices went up. Hmmm… is that a strategy for the coming lean weeks for them? You know, since most people are Catholics and avoid eating meat during Lent esp on Fridays and the Holy Week.

Oh speaking of fish. My husband bought gindara steak at Pacific Seas. I used them to cook fish steak. They were freakin’ good! You and I must have eaten them before but I just want to remind you how good they are. However, they just might not be an ideal fare for the Holy Week. One the price is almost a luxury and two, you just might forget fasting when you eat them!