Gensan Jobs is now up!

I put up a blog for all the job hirings sent to me on a regular basis by companies in Gensan and nearby towns. The new site is Gensan Jobs with url

Do visit it often as the job posts are added as soon as they are sent to me. This will also make it easier for jobhunters to browse for jobs specifically for this region and not have to go through the whole world wide web!

Thanks for supporting this blog and I hope you would find good use of Gensan Jobs as well.


Restaurant Job HIring II

I am in search of three (3) restaurant supervisors for restaurants located here in Gensan.


– At least two years experience in restaurant or other foodservice companies

– Previous restaurant supervisory or managerial experience will be an advantage

– Graduate of a business course, HRM or Tourism

– Willing to be trained

– Has a knack to please guests

– Generally friendly

– Enjoys leading a team

– Organized and detail-oriented

If you know anybody who fits these qualifications, please tell them to send their resume with photo to If you are an applicant, please follow this simple instruction.

Robinsons Place Gensan Now Hiring

Most of us Generals (adopted Generals like me) have probably passed by the site of the newest mall to be built in Gensan, the sprawling Robinsons Place General Santos City. I bet you are just as excited at the thought of another mall! Yes, another mall for our, well, malling and shopping pleasure.

Even greater news is the that now Robinsons Place Gensan is now hiring! Please check out the attached image. Should you or anybody you know are interested in sending in your application, the instructions are there. Goodluck!


Businesses that are not yet in Gensan

Every now and then, there would be things I find I need which are not yet available in Gensan. Let me say, though, that as it is, Gensan has everything that you need to live comfortably and with a little luxury here and there. However, these suggestions would be a good thing to have in the city and would be great business ventures. Sadly, I don’t have the capital for these dream businesses yet! (and I say yet!) so I will post them here in the hope that somebody would find them and invest in them. Pretty, pretty please…

One of the major things I need would be a weekend destination for children. Yes, we have malls and a couple of swimming pools but after you have lived here a couple of years, you would find those boring already. It would be great to have amusement parks or country clubs or waterparks with a lot of amenities or, dream on, something like SM MOA Discovery Center.

One other thing would be a dance training studio. I love to dance and sing. There are a couple of training schools here for singing but none for dance. (Or maybe I have not discovered it yet?) One that would teach you to dance not just for fitness but to really get to know a certain dance well.

Although we have good restaurants here already, it would be lovely to have a Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean or real Chinese Dimsum restaurant. European themed restos might not be a hit yet, but I hope the time will come. There is life after barbecue and tola, Generals, remember that.

Other businesses in my wish list:

  • Kids’ salon or spa
  • Wendy’s Restaurant
  • French Baker
  • National Bookstore (with lots and lots of books please!)
  • A city skyline restaurant with a good view
  • A clean-fun bar and/or discotheque
  • Specialty groceries