SM City Gensan’s New Year Countdown Party

SM City Gensan features FREESTYLE BAND and DJ TOM TAUS at the Grand Year-end Party of SM City General Santos

Enjoy merrier magical shopping, dining, entertainment and experience the dazzling year-end party tradition of SM City General Santos featuring the renowned Pinoy rock- R&B band, FREESTYLE and the former child actor, DJ TOM TAUS.

FREESTYLE band was dubbed as the Most Popular Group Entertainer by Gulliermo Awards in 2002 and one of the premiere bands in the Philippines. They were the makers of hit songs such as “So Slow” and “Before I Let You Go”. FREESTYLE has a soulful sound, influenced by rhythm and blues and urban music.
After 14 years of leaving the country to migrate to the United States, former child actor TOM TAUS is back in the Philippines. TOM TAUS has been making a name for himself in Hollywood as a DJ and known as “DJ Tommy T” to Los Angeles Club Crowd.

Catch them all this December 30, 7pm as you also enjoy the extended mall hours until 10 o’ clock in the evening. Get entertained with their world-class voice and international-calibre stage performance and witness the Magical Fireworks Display at The Roof Deck of SM City General Santos.

For updates and inquiries, check-out SM City General Santos (Official) on Facebook, or call (083) 878-0667.


SM Supermarket opens in Gensan

If there’s anything that I think the Generals and its neighbors love to do, that would be grocery shopping. We have some of the most impressive and expansive supermarkets I have seen in the whole country.

So I am not surprised that when SM Supermarket opened in Gensan, it just had to be another fantastic supermarket. It had to be or the existing ones will eat them alive.

It has 30 counters and a spacious display. I have to say that the fresh produce sections are a must-check for mothers and foodservice owners.

fresh produce SM gensan

Fruits and vegetable display at SM Supermarket Gensan

SM gensan supermarket herbs and greens

Fresh herbs and salad greens

Aside from the fresh produce section, they have also incorporated other “firsts” like a Foodservice section, promo tags section for SM Advantage cardholders and other dry goods items like kids’ toys, houseware, appliances, even shoes and school supplies.

SM supermarket toys


It has some of the things I busy mom would need in one place. That is surely convenient. I have to note also that at first impression, the prices seem to be cheaper than other supermarkets.

It also has a new service called the QUEUE buster. It’s a mobile cashier or subtotalling/checkout service where a staff totals your purchases using a handheld barcode reader. So when you reach the actual cashier, all you have to do is pay and wait for your purchases to be bagged.

As with other SM stores, you may use your SM Advantage card to earn points.


Watsons opens in SM Gensan

It was an anticipated day in the city of Generals as the 44th branch of SM Supermalls opened last August 10, 2012.

Throngs of people waited for the opening time and Santiago Blvd and adjacent streets were filled with cars and motorcycles leading to SM. 

I was lucky to have been an invited blogger to the opening of my favorite SM franchise, Watsons. My husband and relatives know that when I had to go to Metro Manila and go to SM, I just have to go to Watsons. 

Watsons gensan sm

Blessing of Watsons SM Gensan

Watsons is my ultimate store for my toiletries, beauty, cosmetics and other “kikay” needs. I have a fettish for all things convenience store. So I am extra happy that there is already a Watsons store in Gensan!

watsons beauty products

Your favorite beauty and medical products

Watsons carries their own brands from hair spa to lotion to cosmetic kits. At the same time, they also have your favorite brands, medicine, healthcare equipment, snacks and other wellness products. 

Your SM Advantage card can also be used at Watsons. 

Watsons is located at the second floor of SM Gensan. 

Fairtrade Shop now open for your pasalubong needs

For people who are in search of more pasalubong choices when visiting Gensan, there is already a place for most pasalubong goodies that you can visit. It is the Fairtrade Shop located along Roxas East right next to the Oval Plaza.

This Fairtrade Shop features agricultural and food processed products from producers in SocSKSargen. It is the initiative of the producers/members in collaboration with Advocate of Philippines for Fairtrade, Inc.

At the helm of this shop is Mr. Fermin Rivas. The Fairtrade Shop’s slogan: Don’t Just Buy, Buy Just! encourages consumers to purchase organic, premium quality food products and world-class-quality craft items made from locally-sourced raw materials.

The Fairtrade Shop is open Mondays to Saturdays from 9am to 7pm. Tel. 5545848.

Why I prefer to shop at Robinsons Supermarket now

Robinsons Place Gensan

Ever since Robinsons Supermarket opened last October 2009, I have done my grocery shopping there for a lot of reasons.

My number one reason is convenience. The supermarket is located close to the parking area and if you’re commuting, to where you can hail a jeep or tricycle. I buy groceries every two weeks so it’s usually at least seven bags or one big box when I don’t feel like accumulating more plastic bags. The short distance is great especially when the kids go with me to the grocery. The supermarket, though packed, is not sprawling which makes it easier to go from one aisle to the other. If you have been to KCC and you forget something that is located on the other end of the store, you have to walk quite a distance since the place is loooong with counters and aisles far apart.

I have to admit that price does not really play a major role although some items, I have learned, mostly national brands and imported items, are cheaper at Robinsons. I find all that I usually buy at KCC supermarket in Robinsons now. Robinsons also has a good selection of pasta and deli.

I do know, though, that a lot of people still shop at KCC. Their bonus card is a great encouraging factor really. I have one but, obviously I’m not using it now because I don’t shop at KCC anymore for personal and business reasons. (They caused me and a lot of people a lot of inconvenience last year so I don’t want to do or give them any business anymore.)

Robinsons reminds me of home (for those of you who are from Manila, you know what I mean). It’s spacious, orderly and the merchandise is to my liking. When I first did my grocery shopping at Robinsons, I was happy to see they have Marca Pina soy sauce. This may sound really petty and unusual but it’s the soy sauce that my mommy uses until now. For years, I have used Silver Swan which is not bad either. But now that Marca Pina is here, it is what I buy.

These are our great finds at Robinsons: Spam at only P 96 (yup!), Healthy You Trail Mix (our new favorite), Refresh juices (for our kids’ baon), kitchen towels (we had to buy these from Davao or Manila before), Wishy-Washy hand sanitizers and liquid soap and, of course, Marca Pina soy sauce.

If there is anything that needs to be improved at Robinsons, it would be vegetable section. Probably because there are still not a lot of people going there. I also wish that the RDEX store was inside the grocery area. I like RDEX’ peeled, deveined and tail-on shrimps.

Let me clarify that this is not a paid or sponsored review. Just a homemaker’s thoughts. Happy shopping!

Any bazaars in the city?

When Christmas comes near, one of the things I miss from living in Manila is shopping in bazaars. There are just so many bazaars that showcase lots and lots of gift items, clothes and knick knacks. Most of them are small businesses with very creative ideas and customized items. They are not your run-fo-the-mill department store items.I remember one gift I bought from a bazaar at the World Trade Center was this stationery set made of handmade paper. It had a half-bond size shopping list type, a one-fourth paper notepad, gummed smal notepads in a beautifully crafted box that can be used as desk organizer after you’ve used up the paper or even if you haven’t yet.

So I miss bazaars!

Let me clear that they are not the type that you see in the malls now. Not at all. The stalls in the mall basically sell the same items. Also, if the person you give the gift too is lucky enough, he or she just might see his or her gift displayed in there. Shame…

Anyway, I hope these bazaars come to the city soon!