DOLEFIL CARES EXPO opening on November 10, 2014

One of Region XII’s most admired companies, Dole or Dolefil, will bring to the public the Dolefil Cares Expo. The expo will be from November 10 to 15, 2014 at the Atrium of Veranza Mall of Gensan.

At this exhibition, we will be introduced to the four pillars of “Dolefil Cares” — Dolefil being the leader in corporate sustainability and social responsibility, the promoter of health, wellness and safety, number 1 in quality, and producer of new, exciting fruit products for the world.

dolefil - Edited

PR Officer, Gwyn Ann Ebol-Palima, “Visitors will also get the chance to win prizes (tablets, cellphones and other Dolefil Cares merchandise) by completing the Dolefil Cares Expo Booklet and uploading their photo in the Dolefil Cares Expo Facebook Page and like, tag, follow it.

The Dolefil Cares Expo is free and open to the public. See you all there!


Christmas Toyland launch of SM City Gensan

It’s the most awaited season of the year again, the season of joy, love and hope. It is the time of the year where everyone gets ecstatic and elated especially the children. This year, they are given the focus as the lighting of the giant Christmas tree is themed in Toyland.


The setting will be decorated with different kinds of toys and gifts which will be guarded by toy soldiers. A marching band will parade along the mall to invite the shoppers to witness the momentous lighting of the giant Christmas tree. The crowd will be entertained by a choir who will be singing Christmas carols with ballerinas dancing with them. Also, indoor fireworks will add more delight as the giant Christmas tree is being lighted for the kids and kids at heart. Christmas is the time to celebrate this very special season with family and friends. It’s time to be happy and peaceful, and to give and share the blessings. The essence of Christmas is the idea of gift-giving with Santa Claus around and gives the present to the kids. Truly, tis the season to be jolly!

Join this happy event! The Christmas Toyland will be on November 9, 2014, 5PM at the SM City Gensan Event Center.

Hiring for Skinfluence

Skinfluence Dermatology and Cosmetic SurgiCenter in Gensan is in need of a nurse for their upcoming weight management program. 


– Graduate of Nursing

– RN will be an advantage but is not required

– Outgoing and pleasing personality

– Good command of English written and spoken communication skills

– Able to work with minimal supervision

– Fresh graduates may apply.

Applicants can send their resume with 2×2 picture to: Skinfluence Dermatology and Cosmetic SurgiCenter 2nd Floor Genmedex Building, Santiago Boulevard, GSC Or email to:


Deadline of submission is on September 3, 2013.


Royale Lounge: It might be my new favorite place…

I attended one of the  monthly meetings of GSC Tourism Association. Since we have mostly hotels and restaurants as members, we book meetings with all of them in alphabetical order. Our last meeting was the East Asia Royale Hotel.

No function room or whatever. Just East Asia Royale Hotel.

royalelounge2Boo of Sarangani Highlands and I were early and decided to camp out at the fabulously designed Royale Lounge. I have been there once before on a very brief meeting.

This time, I had the chance to really sit down and eat and enjoy the place. I loved the Royale Lounge! It’s where you would want to be for corporate meetings. Definitely good to meet there at 2 to 5pm beczuse there’s nobody there. What was most surprising was the price. It was affordable, in my opinion. I ordered Spaghetti Bolognese since it was just 3pm. I think it was good and for a restaurant to cook spaghetti the way I like it, I think we would probably agree on their other dishes.

The place is small for a 100 plus room hotel. But good for Gensan crowd. (By experience, Gensan diners like small dining rooms, trust me.)

Check out their buffet dinner from Wednesdays to Saturdays at P 299 only per person.

Christmas quake?

Before anything else, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas! I hope you are having a blast of a Christmas day with your family or friends or even without anyone.

Well, it was a most unusual Christmas day in Gensan today. An earthquake hit Gensan somewhere around 12nn. According to IRIS Seismic Monitor, it recorded a magnitude of 6.2. I felt a strong jolt that felt like a sudden brake on a mobile car and followed by a lingering swaying that made me dizzy. I thought the oil bottle would fall on my head!

Thank God it did not cause any mishap  in my house. And I wish that it did not cause any damage to Gensan either.

New restaurant find: Generals Brew

In my continuing quest to find food places to check out, – and for you to check out too!- here’s one for the hip and not-willing-to-spend-more-than-P 100 kind of diner.

Right along busy Pioneer Avenue is Generals Brew. You probably think where on Pioneer Avenue could it be, well, it’s just beside Kristan Educational Supply and right next to Landbank/Philamlife Building.

Here’s how it looks inside.


The place, in my opinion, is clean, modern, coay. The lighting could be better but the place is nicely and simply decorated.

Now for the real deal: the FOOD! First things first since I consult for restaurants, their menu is good. simple, straightforward, not tacky and practical. Of course, it’s still new so it still looks decent (let’s check it out a couple of months from now). They have a couple of combo meals around the P 68 so it’s not bad, I think, even for students. They have coffee, sandwiches and yummy breakfast items. According to the waitstaff, they are open from 7am to 7pm. Quite weird operating hours for me but I would guess that that is because of their location. busy when schools and banks are open and practically a ghost town/street by 7pm.

Going back to the food, I ordered Lemon Chicken and Stromboli. Stromboli, I would assume is a dessert or snack. It’s a log-shaped bread with cheese fillings and tomato sauce dip. Their Lemon Chicken is okay, not crazy over it but it’s good alright. The coleslaw could be better though. Portion size? Good for me and worth the P 68. They actually have other interesting dishes in the menu that I want to try soon.

Lemon Chicken

Lemon Chicken



Service, I wanted not to be too harsh right now since they have just opened although I hate it when I do that since you shouldn’t open when you’re not ready. But anyway, the service could definitely better and the food served faster. I waited 25 minutes on the chicken and the bad thing is the stromboli came out first. (Shouldn’t have unless it’s an appetizer!). The iced tea was served after 10 minutes. Anyway, the lady who attended to me was friendly so that was okay.

Personally, I like it that there is a cafe on Pioneer Avenue now since previously I never want to be in that area around lunchtime since I don’t have a lot of choices for restaurants there except for fastfood restaurants.

The restaurant is wifi ready. It just might be your next tambayan.

Why are flights and hotels in Gensan expensive?

Being active in the tourism industry in Gensan, hotels have been asked why there are not a lot of cheap hotels in Gensan. Well, there are cheap-cheap inns but what I think the question was referring to are decent hotels that don’t charge say more than 1,000 pesos.

Until Cebu Pacific came in, the airline ticket for Gensan to Manila and vice-versa was horrendous! It was about 10,000 for a round-trip ticket. It was more expensive than a round-trip ticket to Hongkong! But, lo and behold, when another airline came in, ticket prices were reduced substantially that it was almost a third of the previous rates. Well, I don’t blame Philippine Airlines for charging that much. It was the only airline who cared enough to put a flight to Gensan. If you come to think about it, we should even be thankful for the lone flight. But it was still expensive then. A lot of people were saying, we were fooled for a long time. *smile*

Now, the hunt for cheap tickets is not really hard. If you want the low fares, get on the not-so-busy days. But compared to other cities, our ticket prices are still a notch more expensive. As to the reason why, my theory is that its the frequency of the flight and the load factor. Since Gensan’s load factor says it can only sustain one flight per airline, then they just put one flight. If you only have one flight, it’s like a precious thing that the airline companies can charge what they want.

As to the hotels, it’s because a lot of the things that we need for the hotels are not made in the city and have yet to be bought from other cities like cleaning materials and linen. The hotel-booking market in Gensan also does not really provide the volume that can make hotel owners lower their rates. Therefore, it is a must to cook up some touristic activity in the city. Otherwise, things will pretty much stay as they currently are.

Attention Gensan Bloggers

According to Bariles Republic, there are only 3 bloggers (including us i think) in General Santos City. Whaddahe?!? Really?

There are so many internet cafes in Gensan, internet connection is great and really, I know a lot of people in Gensan, who could very well maintain a blogsite. So if you have a blog and want to join us, please send me an email. If you don’t have one, we encourage you to start your own blog. Really, it’s fun and it could be addictive.

Living in Gensan vs. Living in Manila

Gensan is not my hometown. I am from Manila and grew up in Tarlac and Pangasinan. I moved here after I got married because my husband is based here.

If you ask me where would I prefer to live now that I have resided in Manila and Gensan, I would choose Gensan.

Gensan is a peaceful place contrary to all the bad publicity it gets because of the bombings. Yes, it could be scary specially after a bombing. You think twice about going to the public market, malls, church, government offices and other public places. You are suddenly very observant of the people around you (which takes away the fun specially if you are in the mall). However, I think that people here in Gensan have somehow gotten used to it. I remember during the February 14 bombing coinciding with bombing in Manila and Davao, we were booked in the hotel for the usual Valentine dinner. SO when we got the news about the bombing, we thought that some people might not push through with their dinner dates. But lo and behold! Everybody arrived! That’s when I realized the Generals are not letting these bombings get in the way of their peaceful living.

Gensan’s cost of living is also way lower than that of Manila’s and even those of key cities in Luzon. I’m lucky to live in a neighborhood where papaya and malunggay can be obtained free (if you have been a good neighbor!). Life here is slower and simpler though not entirely devoid of luxuries.

What I miss about Manila would be my social life, the night life and my favorite restaurants. Starbucks? Not so much anymore because we have good coffee places here anyway. Wendy’s? I get to eat every 4 months or so. Malls? We have good malls. The choices are quite lacking in the style that I want like clothes and bags and school supplies. You can go to Davao if you need something from the metro.

When I said night life, I mean that there are not a lot of clean fun night life places here. You know, the likes of The Fort and Libis. Dinner dates with girlfriends are rate! Group or club meetings are for business mainly.

Of course, for you to enjoy Gensan, you have to have something to get busy with here because beyond the malls and the public market, it is not an eventful place!

Coffee Places

When I got to Gensan in 2003, I was immediately in search of restaurants and coffee places. If I remember it right, there was not a lot of choices then! Now there are a couple of good places to go if you want cafe ambience and coffee, of course.

Here they are!

  • Orange Bistro in Lagao (used to Orange Cafe on Pioneer Ave.)
  • Fagioli in Lagao also
  • McGregor, National Highway in front of Yellow Bus Station
  • Cafe Amigo onSouth Osmena
  • Sunset Cafe, EastAsia Royale Hotel arcade
  • Coffee Club 101 on Laurel